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Picturebase: Samuel L. Jackson (SHAFT Version)

The explosives portion of CHIPS, Briony "Bunny" Matthews is rarely without an extra thought on her mind.

SPOILER WARNING: The following page may have content relating to the following TMC stories. Read at your own risk!

  • The Altervox Complex

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • HEIGHT: 5'6"
  • WEIGHT: 160lb
  • FIGURE: curvey
  • EYES: silver
  • HAIR COLOR:brown with blonde highlights and red undertones
  • HAIR STYLE: shoulder lenght and wavey
  • WEAPONS OF CHOICE:assult rifle

Psychological ProfileEdit

Far from your typical damsel in distress, Briony (nicknamed "Bunny" due to her penchant for wearing bunny ears during battle) takes the fight to her opponents with her many talents, but it's safe to assume she's a few coins shy of a 1up at times.

Special TalentsEdit

Bunny is a silent witch with many spells and talents at her disposal. Her favorite spells are those involving explosions or destruction. Also has a great knowlegde of anceint text and writings. Along with explosions spell she is a n explosions expert. 

Character BiographyEdit

This is a basic rundown of their history up to and including what happens to them in the stories.


  • Bunny is based on Stephanie Wuensch, Ryan McGhee's real-life girlfriend.