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The workhorse of CHIPS (if you could even call him that),

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  • The Altervox Complex
  • The Ragnarok Solution

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • EYES:
  • WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Grabhammer

Psychological ProfileEdit

Fuzzy is the Cartman of Team CHIPS; that is, he's that guy that, if he were actually to exist, no one would ever in their right mind want to be around him. He's narcissistic (ironic considering his figure), cocky, and an all-around borderline douchebag who's known for saying completely inappropriate things at the wrong time. While everyone else is fighting off the bad guys, he'll be sitting enjoying a taco going "Yeah, you go guys! I'll supervise my taco from here!" But God forbid you knock that taco out of his hand, or Fuzzy will straight up go apeshit.

Special TalentsEdit

Fuzzy seems to know anybody who's anybody and can get items of contraband almost no one else even think exists. The few who don't have him as a contact have heard of him well enough to help out if they can. If Fuzzy gets it, it's assumed to be illegal under normal circumstances but legal for CHIPS missions.

Character BiographyEdit

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