Ryan Reynolds

Picturebase: Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity)

One of the main characters in The Altervox Complex, Ryan Matthews could very well be considered the "brains" of CHIPS.


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  • The Altervox Complex

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • HEIGHT: 6'4"
  • WEIGHT: 215 lb
  • FIGURE: Toned
  • EYES: Blue
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • HAIR STYLE: short, messy, facial hair
  • IDENTIFYING MARKS: Dragon Tattoo with head with open mouth on his right hand and coiling around his right arm to the shoulder.
  • CLOTHING STYLE: Ragtag Military issue (tac vest/rucksack/BDU Pants) in black
  • WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Custom Tri-mode Silenced Sniper Rifle (Semi/Burst Fire/Full Auto), Ninjato, Kunai throwing knives

Psychological ProfileEdit

Off the wall smartass personality with a fast mind for seeing the humor in almost any situation. Has been known to come up with funny one liners even in the midst of a pitched battle where the situation was as grim as could possibly be imagined.

Even while this is going on he has a strategic mind that few are on par with and somehow manages to see his way out of the situation or see a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

Is extremely proud of his ability to hit almost any target at any position on the battlefield regardless of obstruction or how ludicrous the idea that the shot would actually be a hit. 

Matthews and Daishi are credited with the creation of the name CHIPS. Originally, Harmony was just going to call the group IPS, but Daishi and Matthews coined the phrase "Cheap Heat" in front of it, with the logic being that anyone who messed with them were worthy of getting cheap shots worthy of a burning sensation.

Special TalentsEdit

Matthews has enhanced senses beyond what any mere human should, even though he's been classified as such. There is no explanation for this at present time, but it allows him, thanks to his amazing eyesight and omnidirectional orientation, to have a 99.94% accuracy rating with his sniper rifle as of the time The Altervox Complex starts. (The lone recorded time he missed was due to Daishi's interference; unfortunately, since the miss occurred during a regulation test in order to join the organization, they still counted it against him.)

Character BiographyEdit

This is a basic rundown of their history up to and including what happens to them in the stories.


  • Matthews is based on a roleplaying character handled by Ryan McGhee, a longtime friend and collaborator of Cornett. McGhee gave permission for Cornett to use the Matthews character.
  • Matthews is the only character that doesn't have a specific nickname assigned to him. Originally, Cornett planned to use the moniker "Kracker" as a play off of McGhee's X-Box Live Gamertag "KnuckleCracker", but decided against it after a discussion with McGhee.