Narravie Causality is a major world-functioning concept in the Multiverse. It basically states that any story, regardless of length, written about on Earth happens somewhere else in the Multiverse.

Concept and InspirationsEdit

As described by Terry Pratchett, the Law of Narrative Causality states that if a story is repeated enough times or enough people believe it, it becomes true. Other authors have delved into this medium before.

Multiverse DefinitionEdit

The Multiverse's definition of Narrative Causality is more derivative of Ellis Meredith-Owen's definition, which states that any story told in one dimension either is currently happening or has already happened (depending on the setting) in another dimension. Authors all over Earth allow for varying stories across an infinite amount of dimensions.

All stories are housed in the Library of Narrative Causality, with each dimension getting its own wing of the library. The stories are supposed to be catalogued by author name; however, after the Twisted Incident, the librarians have been less than effective in regards to upkeeping order.

Inversive CausalityEdit

A lesser-known construct known as Inversive Causality exists within the Multiverse, stating that characters of stories written by an Author can sometimes write about their Authors that come true. The bonds between an Author and a Character must be strong in order for this to work.